Recent Before & After Photos

Graffiti Removal in Vevay, IN

This graffiti was on the side of the Switzerland County Public Library in Vevay, Indiana.  The customer called SERVPRO and our team was on site the same da... READ MORE

Deep Cleaning in Madison, IN

This bathroom was in need of a good deep cleaning before it could be sold.  SERVPRO production team members got this tile shining like it was brand new!&nb... READ MORE

Neglected Kitchen in Madison, IN

This kitchen in Madison, IN had been neglected for almost 2 years.  The plumbing was not longer working and the homeowner had suffered a debilitating injur... READ MORE

Moldy Basement in Vevay, IN

This moldy basement in an office building in Vevay, IN was a result of a long term water heater leak.  *Mold and fungal spores occur naturally outdoor... READ MORE

General Clean in Greendale, IN

Life happens. Kids spill drinks, pets have accidents and homes get dirty. We have the expertise to provide a deeper clean than your basic house cleaning se... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Burst in Marysville, IN

This home experienced a frozen pipe burst above their kitchen ceiling, causing a substantial amount of damage and an excessive amount of insulation cleanup... READ MORE

Sewer Backup in Madison, IN

This sewer backup in Madison, IN was the result of a broken city pipe. The sewer migrated into several rooms in our customers basement. Our team cleaned and per... READ MORE