Recent Before & After Photos

Ceiling collapse in Madison, Indiana

Imagine coming home to open your front door only to discover your ceiling has collapsed and your entire living room is covered with blown insulation and debris.... READ MORE

Sewage backup at Hanover College

Hanover College is a large campus, and things happen. SERVPRO is always on call when those somethings are sometimes not so pleasant. In just minutes of receivin... READ MORE

Neglected Utility Closet in Vevay, IN

Not all of us inspect our utility closets on a regular basis. This home happened to be a rental home where the tenants were not aware or didn't bring to the at... READ MORE

Water in the crawl space

This home had a water damage that left quite a bit of standing water in their crawl space. If left, this water can most definitely lead to mold. So if you not... READ MORE

Moldy Utility Bathroom in home in Brookville, IN

This home was a rental home where a slow, long term moisture problem led to a mold problem. SERVPRO Remediation Technicians were able to contain the area and s... READ MORE

Mold removal in basement ceiling

This basement has experienced multiple water leaks throughout the years. There was an abundance of mold in the ceiling materials. SERVPRO of Madison, Lawrence... READ MORE

Undetected Mold in home in Madison, Indiana

When there is an unnoticed source of moisture, sometimes you have a mold problem before you even realize it's happening. In this home, the owners had no idea th... READ MORE

We're Certified in Sewage Cleanup and Restoration

When you experience a sewage back up, it can be a very overwhelming situation. SERVPRO of Madison, Lawrenceburg and Versailles is on call 24\7 to handle the cl... READ MORE

Fallen tree causes server damage to home in Madison, IN

This tree fell on a home here in Madison during a server thunderstorm in the spring. All the residents were home at the time, but thankfully everyone was ok. ... READ MORE

Emergency Roof Tarping

We live in Indiana, so we're no strangers to storm and tornado damage. SERVPRO of Madison, Lawrenceburg and Versailles technicians are always on call to help w... READ MORE